Summer is quickly approaching! Are you looking to sculpt your body, reduce cellulite and/or lose weight? Boost your happiness and well-being by transforming your body with SLIMWAVE treatments at Nüva – quickly and safely, with no downtime.  Here’s a look into SLIMWAVE and how it can help your body (and mind!) get summer-ready.


Slimwave uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology. It enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. It also stimulates the body’s natural fat burning and toning process, to help give you a lean, firm and healthy body. With Slimwave, you can target specific areas of the body like the abdominal muscles, glutes, legs, thighs, knees, “love handles or muffin tops” and arms (working several areas at one time!) to achieve desired results. The stimulation from the electrical current also increases circulation of the skin, which improves texture and tone while reducing the appearance of cellulite.



  • Weight Loss: The Slimwave treatment has the same effect as a full session with a trainer. One hour of electrotherapy is like doing 600 sit ups, 600 push-ups and 600 leg lifts together. One 45-minute session can burn up to 1000 calories! When combined with a healthy diet, this program can be exceptionally effective.
  • Cellulite Reduction: The stimulation through electrodes will boost lymphatic drainage and circulation, which is vital for breaking down fat deposits, the reduction of excess fluids, and flushing out toxins. This combination results in healthier looking, vibrant skin.
  • Body Sculpting: Through intensive stimulation of the muscles, your body looks more shaped and toned, your skin looks healthier and your physical appearance is firmer and toned.
  • Gentle on your Joints: There is no strain on your joints as you don’t use any weights during your workout. The intensity of a Slimwave treatment is regulated through electro stimulation.


PHOTO: @slimwavetechnologies

ABOUT PETRONA (Certified Slimwave Technician & Ambassador at Nüva)

Nüva is proud to have the beautifully vivacious and humble Petrona Joseph as an integral part of the NÜVA BODY team. Her love for Slimwave started with her own personal journey and struggles, which compelled her to learn more about EMS technology and its positive effects. She later went on to receive her own certification to help others feel good about their body and well-being; as it truly helped her.



‘’In 2016, I had an unfortunate panic attack that left me with PTSD and severe anxiety.  My doctor informed me that that Zoloft was the only remedy to resolve my panic attacks.  He warned me to watch my diet and to exercise; two things that I ignored for an extended period of time.  About a year into taking my daily dosage, I noticed that my stomach was protruding and my limbs were filled with water.  I hit the scale, and noticed that I had gained 40 pounds.

It was at the moment that I decided to take my life into my hands by hitting the gym. I loved and still love working out, but I had a problem with consistency and water retention.  A year later, I made the tough decision of weaning off my medication to reduce my body weight.  It was a year of trials, because the anxiety came back full force. Thank God by then, there was an alternative Trintellix.  In the meantime, I tried different methods in effectively keeping my water retention minimal and managing my weight.  While still working out, I tried LPG (lipocativation) and other methods to help me in keeping my body from increasing in weight.

When I tried 10 sessions of Slimwave, I had an “ah-ha” moment! What if I worked out 3 times a week, and booked 2 Slimwave sessions per week?  It was in my “ah-ha” moment that I found the solution that I had been looking for.

When tackling weight management, the key is understanding how heredity also plays a role.  For me, heredity, eating habits and stress management all affected my weight.  While I’m back on antidepressants to help with my anxiety, I work out and swear by my weekly SLIMWAVE treatments.” — Petrona Joseph


If you are struggling with weight loss or simply looking to sculpt your body to compliment your exercise routine, you will love SLIMWAVE!  Various packages are available, tailored to meet your specific needs, target areas and desired outcome. Suitable for men and women.

  • 1 SESSION (45MIN, ONE AREA) – $125
  • 10 SESSION PACKAGE (45MIN, UP TO 2 AREAS) – $800
  • 14 SESSION PACKAGE (45MIN, UP TO 3 AREAS) – $980

To book a consultation at Nüva with Petrona, contact us at 450.682.3900 (or) book online. For best results, it is recommended to schedule a 45min session, twice a week for about 5-6 weeks.